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Brian Blessed and changing your mood in 14 seconds

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I recently wrote a blog post all about how memories can trigger wonderful emotions and I mentioned the fantastic video "We didn't own an iPad", if you missed it you can see it here..."We didn't own an iPad"

Well, I recently stumbled on a very short clip of Brian Blessed from a few years back. I was presenting the afternoon show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and I used to do a terrible impression of Brian which I would get told not to do any more by the bosses. (Of course this just spurred me on to do more bad impressions!) 

I was working on my birthday and was told there was a caller on the line for me. Ususally I have a computer screen which tells me who they are and where they are, but on this occasion it was blank.

I went live to the caller and imagine my surprise when it was Brian Blessed himself calling to wish me a happy birthday in the inimitable way of his. He even added a "Gordon's Alive" from Flash Gordon! It really made me laugh and a huge smile spread across my face. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves in the moods that we create and in this case my already happy mood was elevated even further.

So, when I stumbled across the clip it really made me smile and brought back all those wonderful feelings that I had that day.

From now on if I need a lift I will just listen again and "lift my mood in 14 seconds"

It made my birthday and will be something I can always bring back to mind to help me smile.

What's your Brian Blessed !?

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