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Hypnodog from Britain's Got Talent Hypnotises the Loose Women

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Hypnodog Princess and her owner Krystyna appeared on Loose Women this week talking about their rise to fame after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent and how they are waiting with baited breath to see how far they can get in the competition and if they can make it even further in the quest to appear at the royal variety show.

Hosts Andrea Maclean and Nadia Sawalha knelt down in front of Princess whilst looking in her eyes before Kystyna helped them to relax. The pressures of live TV may well have affected the poor dogs performance. Whilst we watched them we heard the music from the Jungle Book “Trust in Me” which was quite amusing if you remember how it was used by the hypnotic snake whose eyes span around. It was interesting because Nadia was convinced to be Janet Street Porter and it didn’t work for her, whilst Andrea was convinced that dogs should have the same rights as humans.

Krystyna explained that Princess had learned that if she stares at people she gets a treat, although she admitted that perhaps she wasn’t actually hypnotising them.

What do you think of this? Were they really hypnotised? Watch the video for yourself and let me know,


 You can also hear my interview with Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 all about the Britain’s Got Talent Audition..

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