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Vertigo Road trip - The best way to help phobias? Or just the best way to show them on TV?

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Vertigo Road Trip or How not to cure a phobia...

Watch out for presenter Mel Giedroyc this week on the BBC when she takes five people with an extreme fear of heights on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to cure their debilitating phobia. I work with phobia sufferes all the time and the one thign I don't do is just make them confront the fear straight away. Of course that would make a very boring television programme wouldn't it?! (A Review of Vertigo Road Trip will appear here after the show airs.)

Over on the BBC of course there is a different approach to helping people with the phobia that has caused them so much grief in the past.

The sufferers on vertigo road trip this Wednesday on BBC One confront their fears head-on by undergoing exposure therapy, attempting a series of increasingly difficult height-based challenges, from the peaks of the Alps to the world's tallest building, designed to push them to their limits. The show takes the phobics from the UK to Austria, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi and climaxes in Dubai, where - assuming they have all made it this far - the final challenge is to scale the 828m Burj Khalifa tower. Will they manage to make the climb or will it prove to be a mission impossible? Psychologist Jennifer Wild joins Mel as she leads the group on their life-changing journey.

I have to admit that I will be tuning into the show to see how they handle it. All I know at the moment is that we wouldn't be watching the participants on the television if they were not going to be scared and reacting to the problems that they encounter. If you have a fear or phobia, like heights, spiders, driving or anything else and you would like to get rid of it forever without having to relive the problem or be exposed to it before you have overcome the problem then just drop me an email at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160 and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. You can also find out all about how to solve you phobia right here....

How to overcome a fear or phobia with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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TV Preview of Vertigo Road Trip.  A full review of this programme will appear here once the programme has aired on BBC 1.

From the dramatic peaks of the Alps to the world's tallest building, they'll attempt a series of increasingly difficult height-based challenges that will push them to their limits.

Watch with heart in mouth as they mount a step ladder to clear the guttering of leaves on a bungalow.

Head-swirling locations across the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai await them, the show climaxing at the tallet building in the world, the 828m Burj Khalifa tower. Not for nothing is it known as ‘the Mow Cop of Arabia’.

The Burj Khalifa is almost twice the height of London's Shard, so will the five phobics be able to overcome their fear and climb it? Or will it be mission impossible?

Oxford University psychologist Dr Jennifer Wild leads the group on this hair-raising and potentially life-changing journey.


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  1. jane

    I am watching the programme in the hope that I can find some sort of guide on how to confront my fear of heights - particularly bridges which has caused and still causes me problems with work. I look forward to reading your comments after the programme...

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