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Uri Geller and Hypnosis to quit smoking by james randhi

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Uri Geller has seemingly always been famous as a spoon bender and mind reader. The reality is that much of what he does has been shown to be magic tricks and his showmanship and charisma carry him through. What some people think is that he uses hypnosis and hypnotism in his act too. Having watched quite a few of the videos that are available online on youtube I can't see any evidence of this although his use of language is excellent. He manages to take anything that doesn't work and turn it round to his advantage!

The magician and author James Randi wrote a very interesting book on Uri Geller and his methods called "The Truth about Uri Geller" by James Randi and here is an except all about what he thinks about hypnosis.

"An additional talent which Geller was able to acquire is hypnotism. There is no doubt that he is able to hypnotize, but he does it in a very amateurish way, and his methods are even dangerous. The truth is that practically anyone is able to hypnotize another after some training, but not everyone should be authorized to do this, because it is possible to put the subject in some danger. At one of his performances, Geller asked for a subject to come up on the stage with the purpose of hypnotizing him and causing him to stop smoking. The subject came to the stage and Uri asked him, Is it true that you want to stop smoking? Is it true that you get nauseous from smoke? Is it true that you will not smoke anymore?

To these questions the man answered yes, and when Uri gave him a cigarette he began to cough and to express distaste with it. He threw it away with revulsion.

However, a quarter of an hour later, one of the people in the audience called out to Uri that the man was smoking. And sure enough, there was the man sitting in the audience smoking with great enjoyment. This brought the audience to the point where they were booing Geller."

Here is a link to the book on amazon if you are interested in reading more about the magic trick of Uri Geller.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=3194&creative=21334&linkCode=shr&tag=wwwmarkpowlet-21&linkId=H52BPY76XLEO4UIG&rl=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the%20truth%20about%20uri%20geller

It is interesting to read because it really looks as if he has some understanding of how hypnotherapy works but clearly doesn't really know how to put it into practice.

If you really do want to quit smoking with hypnosis then you can read all about how well it works here... Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

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