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Why Simon Cowell can’t use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

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Why Simon Cowell can’t use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Good friend of Simon Cowell Paul McKenna, says that even hypnotherapy can't force Simon Cowell to stop smoking  

 One of the things about helping people to stop smoking with hypnosis is that you can’t make anyone stop smoking. When they come and see you for hypnotherapy they have already made the decision to become a non smoker. I have written about his before with Adele who really didn’t want to stop smoking even though she saw a hypnotherpist She found it very useful for stage nerves because she really did want to deal with them of course.

Now the Daily Mirror reports that famous hypnotist and Life coach Paul McKenna has told how his close friend Simon Cowell has given up on hypnotism as a way to quit smoking. He didn’t really want to stop as he liked it so much! Now he unwinds by playing Twister instead. X Factor boss Simon, 59, has tried hypnotherapy more than once but admitted he failed hands-down.

You Have to Want to Stop Smoking for Hypnosis

Paul, who has sold millions of self-help books, says he knows the music mogul too well to even try persuading him to kick the habit – because he does not really want to quit. Paul, 55, said: “Simon will do what he wants to do and I haven’t given him any hypnotherapy to stop. “My take on smoking is, if someone wants to smoke then it’s a lifestyle choice – the last thing I want to do is to lecture people on these things. “Simon hasn’t asked for my help to quit, I think he’s quite happy as he is.” Pop guru Simon has managed to slash his habit from the 80 a day he used to smoke, taking up vaping two years ago for the sake of his son, Eric.

This is always the key to success. Often people contact me to ask about how quit smoking hypnotherapy works and when I explain they go away and think about it. I hear from them again once they have really decided that the time is right for them to stop.

You can watch a video here all about how it works and if you would like to come and see me and get some help to stop smoking (We can always ask for help, we don’t need to do these things alone) you can email me on [email protected]

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