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Paul McKenna the Gastric Hypnotist gets married and Simon Cowell is the best man.

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Paul McKenna the Gastric Hypnotist gets married and Simon Cowell has the X factor as the best man.

Paul Mckenna has been around on our tv and radio screens for many years. Now of course he is so much more well known for his work as a hypnotherapist and raising awareness of how you can change from his “I can make you thin” “I can make you happy” “I can make you more confident” and other such books and downloads. Hypnosis has been his life.

He teamed up with one of the creators of NLP, Richard Bandler, many years ago and has worked with him helping to change people’s lives for the better. Now though he is taking on his own life and happiness as he has announced he is getting married!

Mckenna is to marry his personal assistant of 20 years Kate Davey after popping the question last weekend and getting down on one knee to hand her a £1million engagement ring. He proposed during a trip to San Francisco and has posted pictures from it on his Facebook page.

Of course she agreed of her own free will, and then Paul got straight on the phone to call a long time friend and ask him to be best man...Simon Cowell.

Not content with a trip to the local pub, Simon is planning to lay on his private jet for a stag do in Ibiza and 12 of Paul’s closest friends have had invitations.

Paul, who lives in Beverly Hills with Kate, made the news official on Friday when he invited a group of friends to Hollywood restaurant Al Bacia – becoming tearful as he told them.

He also tweeted: “Happiest three days of my life getting engaged. Don’t let the world change your smile. Let your smile change the world.”

Kate has been likened to Miss Moneypenny for the loyalty she has shown to Paul in her 20 years of service. In her role as his Miss Fixit she has organised theatre tickets, lunches and made travel arrangements – as well as running his fan site.

It’s great to see Paul Happy as he has suffered heartbreak in the past from the end of his relationships. Following his break up previously in 2012 he said “I’m exhausted from it all. I may not be able to be in any relationship.”  

All the best Paul and enjoy the day...just watch out for Simon trying to be the best man as he seems to like being the best! 

Paul now has a new book out The Three Things That Will Change Your Life in 2015 which is available via Amazon..

In the book Paul explains the technique of Havening and how you can use it as part of the techniques to help change your life for the better. It is always good to see Paul Mckenna on TV and radio talking about his new books because it really does help to raise awareness of the fact that you can change things in your life that are making you unhappy for the better. Of course there is no real subsititute for working one to one with a Clinical Hypnotherapist such as myself to really help but if you fancy reading the book why not give it a go !

 You can watch Paul Mckenna appearing on BBC Breakfast in this interview about weight control and overeating...



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