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Can You be Hypnotised to Eat an Onion as if it is an Apple?

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It's something that many people may have seen or heard about, and it's a favorite of stage hypnotists across the world..

Hypnotized to eat an Onion because you think it is an Apple!

But what if you could do this for yourself anyway? Perhaps it is not quite as impressive a trick as you may think.

This new Youtube video has me showing you exactly how to imagine that an onion is an apple, then you can bite into it as if it is a juicy and tasty apple.

After you have watched it then you may well wonder if you could do the same thing yourself. I wonder if next time you are in the supermarket and pass the onions you will think about getting one and having a go?

What I really wanted to do of course was find a way to demonstrate the power of our minds. When we think about something, it can make that thing much more likely to happen. So, if we worry about something happening, perhaps we make it more likely to happen. 

When we think about something positive, it makes that more likely to happen too.  Of course, you don't have to think about eating an onion as an apple...perhaps you have something else positive that you really want to happen?

...or maybe just try this onion thing first !


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