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Eamonn Holmes talks about curing his Panic Attacks on This Morning.

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Eamonn Holmes talks about curing his Panic Attacks on This Morning.

News of Sheridan Smith dropping out of Funny Girl due to stress led to the This Morning presenter talking about his own stress.


When you watch TV presenter and Sky News Journalist Eamonn Holmes he may well be the picture of confidence, so many viewers were surprised this morning when he revealed that in the past he has suffered from panic attacks, on the ITV morning show today.

Appearing with his wife Ruth Langford, Eamonn was talking about actress Sheridan Smith and her stage troubles after talking with the regular contributors the Speakmans when he opened up about his own feelings and worries.

The chat happened following the news that actress Sheridan Smith will be taking a month away from the theatre and the run of Funny Girl citing her own issues with stress and anxiety. Graham Norton took a shot at her during the Bafta awards, and this is thought to have added to the stress and anxiety she has experienced. The theatre have supported her and offered her as much time off as she needs.

Talking about the problem via Skype, Nik Speakman said that she was doing the right thing in taking time off as her performance had not been at 100%. Eva Speakman said that it shows that no one is immune to stress, and that she is just a normal girl.

The phone in for the morning then dealt with callers who were suffering from stress like Sheridan Smith is currently dealing with.

Before talking to a caller called Brian, who was having anxiety attacks, Eamonn revealed that he suffered himself in his late 20s and early 30s from panic attacks but his managed to go away on their own. He didn't expand much further on how that happened and whether he sought help and advice from a therapist.

Of course, not everyone will find that panic attacks go away on their own.

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