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My Story..an article in the Hypnotherapy Journal

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I often speak to clients about how feeling proud can be a very useful emotion to help change our moods and feelings. We tell our children that we are proud of them all the time, and we can see their faces light up when we do. It is almost as if you can see a wave of pride wash over them. Seeing how good they feel helps to show that you can also feel proud about things that you achieve. It is a lovely feeling!

Recently an article about me appeard in the Hypnotherapy Journal. As a publication for hypnotherapists it is always a lovely feeling to be recognised for what you do. So I was able to feel proud myself and now I can share that pride here!

Here is the image of the article and what follows is the text of the piece.

hypnotherapy journal article (2)

Mark Powlett Hypnotherapist


My story

As I stood backstage a few years ago, waiting to hear the music strike up and fizzing with excitement about performing to two thousand people dressed as a children’s television policeman I couldn’t possibly have had an idea of how I would make nowadays.

Although I have used hypnotherapy myself for over twenty years, firstly to help cure insomnia then when I decided to become a non smoker, I spent the first twenty years or so of my life engaged in very different careers.

As a child I always wanted to do two things when I grew up. Firstly I wanted to be a DJ on the radio, and secondly I wanted to become an actor. I used to perform shows for the local children on the front lawn on long summer evenings. Singing songs (out of tune), and introducing records which were played out of an old Dansette connected by a very long and dodgy extension cord passed through the lounge window.

After working for computer companies and banks I was made redundant for the first time in my mid twenties. I took the chance to go back to study and earn myself a degree, and whilst doing this I started to perform stand-up comedy, even winning a national award. After graduating I found myself performing in a children’s television show called Brum playing the policeman in the town. This lead to live shows where myself and the little yellow car Brum, who was the real star of the show, would appear in front of some huge audiences.

A few years later I found myself working in radio for the BBC as a radio presenter. After applying for a scheme for new presenters and following a very prolonged interview process I was sat behind several computer screens playing the songs and interviewing both celebrities and more importantly hearing the stories of real people. This gave me a real insight into how people think and I heard some remarkable tales. It’s true to say that although most people would like to hear a story about a celebrity; the really incredible stories come from real people.

Once again I found myself being made redundant after losing my own show after several years on the air after a change of management. I worked in other BBC stations but things had changed and I had changed too. After so many years of performing and being up in front of people, the stories that I had listened to had made me think differently. Now I wanted to do something to help other people rather than be the centre of attention.

I first came to hypnotherapy because I just could not sleep. After just a couple of sessions with a hypnotherapist I realised that I could let go of the old habit and ever since I have slept soundly. I also used hypnotherapy when I wanted to quit smoking and this meant that I knew how well it worked and also thought that perhaps it was something that I would be able to do for others. I had not received any formal training but I had read enough books to know that I had a hunger for more.

I did have to think long and hard about the decision. I knew that I would need to leave behind much of what I already did as I wanted to really concentrate on the future.  I decided once more to take that chance and to go ahead, which lead to my first course just three years ago. I was hooked. It was as if someone had turned on a light bulb above my head and I knew I wanted more. I undertook my training and found that I also met so many lovely people. Finding myself surrounded by so many people who really wanted to help others was such a refreshing change and inspired me on further.

Once I started my practice I knew that I wanted to continue learning and so I worked hard to ensure that I could complete my HPD as soon as I could. I have to be honest and admit that there were times when I had some invasive thoughts that I wouldn’t be able to create a business and really help people but things grew swiftly for me.

Now as I sit in my lovely office awaiting another new client’s arrival I know that in fact everything that I have done in my life already helps to contribute to the help that I can give people. Having interviewed so many people on the radio about horrific events that had happened to them meant that in many ways I was able to hit the ground running because I was never shocked when being told about something that had happened in their life.

Of course, I am learning more and more every day. That learning process will never stop and that’s one of the things that I really enjoy about my new career.  I still smile to myself when a client completes their time with me and goes off into the world and I cannot imagine that warm feeling inside ever changing. Because of my background I am lucky enough to be invited to speak to many different groups of people, from students at school and even to medical students all about what I do and how wonderful hypnotherapy is.

I’ve even been able to put into practice my new skills in some very extraordinary circumstances...

Recently, I ended up in the Bridal suite of a lovely hotel with a newly married bride, still dressed in her wedding dress, lying on the four poster bed, waiting for me. The bridegroom shook my hand, thanked me and left us to be alone. I had never met the bride or the groom before; I was just a plus one at the evening wedding party

Earlier in the evening the bride had been suffering from a very bad toothache. No one wants toothache on a normal day, but on the day supposed to be one of the greatest in your life, it wasn’t good news at all. She had gone up to the room to have a lie down whilst the party continued on without her downstairs. It was at this point that I was asked:

“Could you do anything to help with hypnosis?”

I always have some relaxing music on my phone, and as I use the same music in my therapy room I know how much it helps to start that relaxation process. I helped her to turn down the pain so that she could return to her wedding evening, much to the delight of the groom, who enthusiastically pumped my hand when shaking it with gratitude!   

 I like to think that I managed to help make the wedding day go a little smoother than it may well have done otherwise.

When I reminisce about the different careers that I have been involved in over the years I can’t help feeling that I have had perhaps more variety than many. I also know that I am finally doing something that really fulfils me and I can’t imagine doing anything that gives me a greater feeling of satisfaction.

 I am so proud to be able to say that I am now a clinical hypnotherapist.

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