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How can Hypnotherapy help you through the menopause?

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Medical Studies show the efficacy of Hypnotherapy during the Menopause


A new report recently published by the North American Menopause Society has shown that of all the alternative treatments offered to women – from herbal supplements such as red clover, dong quai and black cohosh, evening primrose oil and ginseng to yoga and acupuncture – hypnosis and hypnotherapy was almost uniquely effective in alleviating symptoms of the menopause.

Suffering from hot flushes at the worst possible moment can create a feeling of panic within you that grows and makes them feel even worse, but learning to let go and take back that control with hypnotherapy has been shown to really help.

One 55 year old talking about her own experiences of hypnotherapy said,

“It was fantastic, within four months, the hot flushes had gone. It’s very difficult to say categorically that it was the hypnotherapy, but it was very powerful and cathartic and I do believe it helped.”

 Case Studies

Many people do not realise the number of clinical studies on hypnotherapy that have already been undertaken by medical professionals.

Now a panel of experts commissioned by the North American Menopause Society have concluded that there is solid evidence that clinical hypnosis known as hypnotherapy is beneficial. They also concluded that there was little evidence that exercise, vitamins or herbal remedies, gave any relief at all.

 The problem with hot flushes and the cycle of panic

One of the big problems with having hot flushes is that you may say to yourself: ‘I really don’t want to panic when I have a hot flush.’ But when the hot flush hits and your unconscious kicks in, you may then start to worry that people will see your reaction even when they are most likely not aware of it.  This circle can continue and make it feel worse than it would otherwise.

Hypnotherapy sessions are all about learning to let go and relax. Some people say that it feels as if it is like a massage for your mind.


“The Menopause is a transition not an illness”


Dr Janet Carpenter, who led the expert panel for the North American Menopause Society, said: “Many women try one thing after another, and it is months before they stumble on something that truly works. This information will be critical in maximising the selection of the most effective therapies.

 The menopause is not an illness, it’s a transition. It’s not like you can just take a pill for it because it is as much about your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, especially your self confidence as you age and your changing role when the kids are leaving home.”


How does Hypnotherapy help?


Sessions of hypnotherapy can also help you to deal with the other emotional aspects of the changes in your life. In simple terms it is all about learning to let go and relax. Many of us carry around worries and issues that can stay with us long after we really want or need them to.

By dealing with the past and looking towards the future that we really want we can start to take back that control.

When working with clients I always make sure that we record any hypnosis sessions that we do and send you a copy. This means that you have something that you can call on any time that you wish and this is also the reason that in my experience I often see people for fewer sessions than many other therapists.

You can email on [email protected] if you would like to ask about appointments and the help that I could give you.


The most important thing to take note of  is that statistic that shows that only 1 in 10 women seek help for the symptoms that they suffer. Never be afraid to ask for help and assistance.



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