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French Singer has hypnosis during operation on her throat..and sings!

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I have reported on the use of hypnosis in France and related to medical issues before. It is often used to help burn victims and turning down pain with hypnosis is very effective, It is something that I do with clients all the time. Hypnos has been recognised in anaesthesia since 1992 in France, when it was used to help palliative care for the first time at a hospital in Liège..  and now a new story has emerged showing how useful hypnotherapy can be in helping to anaesthetise a patient during an operation.

Two months ago Alama Kante had a tumour removed from her throat. During the operation she was given hypnotherapy to help her relax rather than the usual drugs that you may expect.

Alama was even able to sing during the operation to help shot the surgeons that they were on the right track whilst they worked on her.

She performed her song “Tolong” whilst having her operation to remove a parathyroid gland tumour.
According to Gilles Dhonneur, the doctor who carried out the operation, the only way of knowing if her vocal chords had been protected was to get her to sing during the procedure. Whilst she was under the knife she was imagining that she was on a relaxing trip to Africa.

Alama sang during the surgery so that the doctors could see which of her vocal chords were moving and therefore knew which to operate on and which to leave alone.

Stories like this are often reported as remarkable by the press but thinking about it another way...just think about how much safer it is not to lose control to drugs and also the cost savings that can be made. I am sure that we will read more about stories like these as time goes on.

If you suffer from pain and would like to learn how to turn that pain down after seeing a doctor and control it then please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160 and I would be delighted to help you.

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