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  1. Should I stop smoking to help against Coronavirus and will hypnosis help?

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    Can Smoking lead to Coronavirus?

    Smoking itself is of course never good for us, but news coming out now shows that in cases of coronavirus smokers seem to have been affected more than non smokers. Of course it doesn’t follow that smoking in itself is the problem. The biggest problem is that smoking weakens your immune system.

    Public health officials now recommend several ways for people to improve their immune system and protect themselves against the virus.

    Coming up very highly in the list of things that could help you is to quit smoking.

    cigarette stubbed out quit smoking hypnosis

    If the idea of being a non smoker has been on your mind for a while then perhaps now is the time to make it actually happen.

    A recent study of more than 44,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in China showed that men (2.8 per cent) are more likely than women (1.7 per cent) to die of the virus. Men represented 51 per cent of confirmed cases. Some researchers believe smoking could be the reason for the disparity.

    Chinese men smoke more than Chinese women — In China men smoker more than women and it has been shown that cigarette smoke weakens the defensive function of the immune system.

    Even social or occasional smoking can cause damage to a your lungs and body, leading to problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hypertension.

    It may even be possible that smoking makes a person more susceptible to catching viruses like COVID-19. There is “conclusive evidence that smoking is associated with an increased risk of respiratory viral infection,” per the results of a 2014 report.


    There’s currently little data to prove that smoking is a risk factor for COVID-19 specifically, but the World Health Organization (WHO) says it’s a possibility.

    “There is a marked difference between males and females in this outbreak in terms of severity, and there’s certainly a marked difference in [smoking] habits in China,” Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said in a news conference on Feb. 14.

    “It goes without saying that smoking is a risk factor for severity of any lower respiratory tract infection, and we would expect it to.”

    The good news is that quitting smoking can have almost immediate positive effects on a person’s body, generally to do with heart health; our bodies have a great ability to heal themselves and almost as soon as you stop smoking things can start to improve for you.

    What happens when you stop smoking cigarettes?

    Within just 20 minutes, your blood pressure drops to a level similar to what it was before your last cigarette.

    Just eight hours later, the level of toxic carbon monoxide in your blood drops to normal, and within 24 hours, your risk of heart attack begins to drop. After 10 years of not smoking, your chance of dying from lung cancer dramatically decreases.

    Can I use Hypnosis to help me quit smoking and help guard against Coronavirus?

    Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy has been shown in studies to be one of the most effective ways to give up cigarettes. It’s also must better than switching to vaping, you don’t need to inhale anything and you are not still paying out lots of money all the time.

    You can read all about hypnotherapy to quit smoking here...

    Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy – How does it work


  2. Why e-cigarettes wont help you quit smoking

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    Have you noticed that there have been more and more news stories recently about e-cigarettes seriously harming those who use them?

    Headlines such as

    “Inferno alert on exploding e-cigs"


    “Exploding Cigarette: Man Burned, bed set on Fire”


    “Calls for Safety Warnings after EXPLODING Cigarette chargers cause more than 100 fires!”

    are becoming more and more common.

    quit smoking hypnosis cigarette butt

    Lots of people have different opinions about e-cigs, but perhaps the only things we can all agree on is that it must be better to be a non smoker than use any kind of product that you put in your mouth and pay for.

    E-cigarettes are just the latest in a long line of products that take advantage of the fact that smokers are desperate to quit. They join patches and gum and lots of other products that may help you, but certainly help you spend money.

     How hard is it to quit smoking?

     A 2011 study from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention showed the following interesting statistics:

    • A huge number... 70% of smokers want to quit.
    • 56% have tried to quit already and failed.
    • Only 6% managed to quit for good.

    Why is it so hard to quit when using e-cigarettes, gum and patches or even going cold turkey?

    Perhaps it's because all of the options available to you - going cold turkey, nicotine gum and patches and of course e-cigarettes - all have one thing in common which they cannot address, and it’s not just the cost and the health benefits.

    The problem is none of them address where addiction really lies – in your unconscious mind. You probably are already at the point where it’s more of a habit than something that you really enjoy, or you wouldn’t be reading this now.


    Instead of buying expensive and sometimes dangerous products in an attempt to quit, it would be wonderful if you could just address that problem and let go of smoking forever. It’s how I gave up smoking myself, so as well as seeing how it can really help change the lives of smokers who visit me; I also know how well it worked for me. I couldn’t even imagine that I would ever want another cigarette ever again. I have saved thousands of pounds and my health has really benefitted.

    Everyone stops smoking eventually. Either the smoker stops smoking, or the smoking stops the smoker. My job is to help make sure it’s the smoker who stops the smoking.

    If you would like to find out more you can read all about my single sessions that can really make the difference and leave you in a position where you can be a happy, healthy non smoker by clicking right here: Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy sessions