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Gregg Wallace has Hypnotherapy for Strictly Come Dancing nerves

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Masterchef Star Gregg Wallace has been talking about his hypnotherapy sessions for nerves on Strictly Come Dancing. It's interesting to read about the experience that anyone in the public eye has as they are often able to explain the process to people who think that it is all about taking control of your mind when that's not how it works at all. It's all about learning to let go and relax....

Here is what he has to say in his diary for the BBC show this week...

"’I've been to see a hypnotherapist since making my Strictly debut. I had actually frozen with fright during my cha cha cha – at one point in the dance I thought “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing.” It was pretty awful.

We didn’t do any hypnotherapy in the first session, just had a long chat about positive thinking. I’d also got a cold and was running a temperature last Saturday and was feeling so rough they had to get a medic out. But that in no way excuses my poor performance.

Afterwards, my dancing partner Aliona [Vilani] said she’d suddenly realised I’d never performed before in front of a live audience, and that she might bring people in to cheer me on during practice, although she hasn’t yet. She said this week would be all about fun, and she’s been as good as her word. We’ve been smiling and laughing, which really isn’t like Aliona. Today I found myself with my arm around her shoulders giving her a hug; that’s never happened before.

I wasn’t the only nervous one. I was off stage with Mark Wright before his dance and he got somebody to get him a beer before he went on, and it worked. Thom Evans and I had a beer one night and he told me which of the women he fancied, but I can’t tell you. The sense of camaraderie among the contestants is unbelievable."

It's interesting that he says that he didn't do any hypnotherapy !  Perhaps hypnotherapy is also about what else happens in the sessions and you do not need to have your eyes closed to start to undertand things in a different way! The aim of his sessions is just to learn to calm down and control those feelings that he has. Neing nervous can happen in any situation to anyone and it isn't just about having those feelings when you are on television. All that Gregg Wallace is trying to do by learning about hypnosis is to find ways to teach himself to let go relax and enjoy his performance.

All the best Gregg!!

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