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does gastric band hypnosis work? try gastric band hypnotherapy without the cost

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Does Gastric band hypnosis work? Can I lose weight with gastric band hypnotherapy? These two questions are something that I am asked on a regular basis. Many Hypnotherapists now offer gastric band hypnosis programmes and they can cost a great deal of money.

In the past I have written several blog posts in which I discuss the issues that surround my thoughts about how efficient the gastric band hypnosis idea is in the long term. I also attend talks and other development forums where I discuss with other hypnotherapists how it works for them and their clients. I have to admit that my opinion has changed and that I think that it can be a very useful asset for people in helping to start to change the way that they eat.

At the moment I offer the Slimmer You Programme and I know how effective it is with my clients. Having worked on that I continue to offer it as a tried and tested way to change the way you eat and never need to think about going on a diet again.

If you wish to book a full gastric band hypnosis session with another hypnotherapist it will cost you hundreds of pounds. This is why I now offer a download so that you can immediately listen to a FULL session of gastric band hypnotherapy. This way you can listen for yourself and have a really good idea of how well it will work for you. Imagine if you find that you needed to spend less than £10 and had the effects that you really wanted!  It's a way for you to learn to relax and de-stress too! Listen for a couple of weeks and see how well it works for you!

Here is the link to the audio...

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You can also listen to a FREE relaxation audio if you would like first...just click here FREE RELAXATION MP3

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