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The Stroop Effect You can Feel your Brain Slowing Down!

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The Stroop Effect - Feel your thoughts slow down as you think and concentrate

Here's a fun test that you can try for yourself and also feel your own brain and its ability to think slowing down as you do it!

Watch the Video and see how well you get on with it. You may be surprised about how hard it is!

The Stroop effect is the finding that naming the colours of colour words (e.g. the words 'orange', 'red', 'blue', etc.) is easier and quicker if the actual observed colours of the words match the colours that the words denote (e.g. the colours orange, red, blue, etc., respectively) than if they do not match.

It start of easy and then gets harder and harder as you carry on.
I wonder how well you will get on and if you can actually feel the pauses as you try and work out what is happening and what the words and colours are?!

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