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A dead bird on the stairs

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I popped to the shops at lunchtime to grab some milk, and normally that would be the end of the story...but today was slightly different..

As I was walking past a very nice looking house there was a woman and a man standing in the front garden looking rather perturbed.

I smiled at them and they frowned back. I asked them if everything was alright.

"We can't ask him", said the woman.

"We could see!", said the man hopefully.

I asked what was up and what it was they they couldn't ask me. They explained that there was a dead bird at the bottom of the stairs and they were too scared to pick it up and dispose of it.

I smiled and said to the mand who was in his late twenties that if he didn't think he could do it I would be happy to pick it up for them.

The look of relief in their eyes was the same that I see when I explain that I can help a client overcome a problem they have carried with them for years.  I duly disposed of the bird and explained that being a hypnotherapist I knew that the fear was all in the mind. I offered them a card and explained that should they ever come across another dead bird on the stairs they could call me and I would help them to be able to do it for themselves next time. I was only getting milk between clients so I didn't really have time to go through a session with them at the time, and to be honest it did seem fairer just to dispose of it this time !

So, a normal trip to the shop left me feeling good that I had been able to help someone a little and you never know, they may decide to do something to help themselves in the future. It made me smile.....until I remember the poor dead bird of course.


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