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Why it would be wrong to tell you exactly what we will do in our sessions.

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I am often asked by people who come to me looking for help about what happens in a session with me and what we will do.

Sometimes I am even asked if I can use a specific technique. This may be Hypnosis or EMDR, EFT, BWRT, Timeline therapy or some other acronym because that is what the person would like. Perhaps they have read about a technique on my website and decided they think it would be the way they would like to proceed.

In cases like these I do find that I need to be honest and up front. If you don’t know what those initials stand for that is fine. I don’t expect you to know and knowing won’t make any difference to you and how successful we can be when we are working together.

All that matters is that I know from my own experience what works well and what may not be as effective.


Why I  can’t possibly know the best way forward until we begin working together.


The truth is that everything depends on you and I and what we find is the best way forward for you when working together.

For me to tell you that I was going to use a specific method would mean that I had already decided the best way to help you without working with you and finding out exactly what you want to happen. If you request a specific method then this assumes that you also know the best way forward and that is just another worry for you. I want to take the stress away by allowing us to work together and then choose the very best ways to help you. Names, techniques and methodologies are not important. All the matters is giving you the best support that I can. I regularly see people who saw someone who used a specific technique that wasn’t right for them, we can find the right way for you based on both our experience.

The most important thing is that we work together to help you get to where you want to be in the best way possible for you.


Our first session

I can give you an idea of what will happen in a first session though and there is a simple reason for this.

In order to help you I do need to get to know you and find out all about what you are looking for help with and where you would like to be once we finish therapy together. This means that we will spend most of the time talking and giving me a chance to listen to you and exactly what you would like from me. I do always make some time in a first session to also introduce you to the idea of hypnosis as learning to let go and relax. This means we will also do some hypnosis and I will record this for you so that you have something to listen to at home.

I always like to say that this is the foundation of what we are doing. After this we are open to trying whatever techniques we both think will work best for you.

It is most important to me that we tailor everything personally and this way my experience has show me that we can get better and faster results.

If you have any questions or are looking for help and advice then do please contact me on email at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160

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