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Harley Street Hypnosis Why should I go to Harley Street for Hypnotherapy?

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Harley Street Hypnotherapists.  Are they a Waste of Money?

Harley Street Hypnotherapy good or bad?

When you think of Harley Street you think of some of the best health professionals in the world. Many world renowned experts in a myriad of fields have offices here and their clients are generally wealthier and perhaps the more time rich sections of society.

I see more and more people who have already had hypnotherapy with a therapist based in Harley Street, but why are they coming to see me then?

There really is only one thing that all the hypnotherapists in Harley Street have in common...how much you will spend to see them.

Of course, there are some remarkable people working in Harley Street who have practices that help countless people to deal with the things that have been causing them stress and anxiety. However, the bottom line is that just because you pay more money doesn’t mean you get a better service.

Why is a Harley Street Hypnotherapist so expensive?

Let’s take a look at what it may cost you to see someone in Harley Street. A quick Google search of hypnotherapy in Harley Street brings up various fees. I found £295, £220, £195 and even £600 per hour. Of course you can find higher and lower fees if you look harder than I did.

Why are the fees so high?

It would be natural to assume that you are paying more because of the experience and success of the hypnotherapist you are seeing. They must be an expert in hypnosis to charge these high fees. In reality this isn’t what you are paying for.  You are simply paying more because the address is so coveted. Most therapists, doctors, counsellors or whoever works are simply renting a room, either by the day or the hour. It won’t surprise you to know that being in what could be called the most famous medical street in the world doesn’t come cheap. Aside from paying a licence fee yearly just to secure a room the therapist will also be paying a fair chunk for that room. Factor in their travel and time to get to that room and you are already paying more than most hypnotherapists would charge you before you have even gone through the door.

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So..should I go to Harley Street?

If you live in London you could visit, but of course you will also find therapists all over the capital in other areas who are able to charge you for their services rather than their surroundings. As I say there are plenty of great people working in Harley Street but there are also others who are no getting the results that you would expect.

Cured in one session

No one is allowed to tell you that they can “cure” you and yet many people do use words like that. If you consider it, no one can tell you how they will get on with you until they meet you as they simply don’t know. The thing is that if they are doing everything in one session then they don’t really need to worry about what happens afterwards. Sometimes you can get all the help you need in single sessions, but often it will take a little longer. The majority of the people who see me after visiting Harley Street have been promised a miracle in a single session.

As I keep repeating there is nothing wrong with being based in that area, but sadly I see people who seem to have had a hypnotherapy session and yet the person they worked with didn’t even really explain how hypnosis works and when they visit me they still don’t know.

Give me an example..

Ok, here’s why I am writing this now. I recently read an article in the Independent where a journalist visited a hypnotherapist to help with binge eating. This is what they wrote about how they felt afterwards...

 “I definitely felt relaxed and a little woozy, but I was always aware - of the sound of the cars outside, of how I was sitting, of whether I should be perfectly still or move a bit. I wanted to open my eyes but I didn’t.”

When I read this it seems that they did not have hypnosis explained to them. In fact one of the things that I always say to my clients is that they can open their eyes if they want to but they won’t feel so relaxed of course if they do that, they will always be aware of what is happening and they can move if they want to any time to make themselves more comfortable.  And yet this person had no idea of any of these things so, of course they were not very relaxed. There were other more positive aspects to the session that were written about but ultimately it didn’t really work for the lady who was sat in the chair. This is just one example where it seems to me that the therapist wasn’t really connecting with the client.

The most important thing of all.

There is only one really important thing and that is your relationship with your hypnotherapist. If you do not have the right connection with them then things may well not work. Where you see them is probably the least important thing at this point.

Look at several people and talk to them first if you wish and if you find the right person to help you then there is always a way forward.



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