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Uri Geller wants to hypnotise the CEO of Fortnum and Mason to stop selling foie gras...but he can't

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So Uri Geller has appeared in the news offering to hypnotise the CEO of Fortnum and Mason, Ewan Venters, to stop him selling foie gras.

This scheme is a press release dreamt up by PETA.  Here is what they have said...

"Uri has written to Venters on PETA UK's behalf offering to use his powers of hypnotic suggestion to help the F&M chief rediscover his compassion and, presto-change-o, stop supporting the force-feeding of geese that's too cruel for the UK. (Foie gras production is illegal in the U.K., which is why F&M buys the foie gras it sells from France.) Writes Uri:

I understand that Fortnum and Mason are one of the last remaining retailers to still sell foie gras. … There seems to be only one possible explanation: there could be some psychological block stopping you from doing the right thing. Luckily, I may have just the remedy. Meet with me, any time and any place, and through hypnotic suggestion I will help you tap into your mind, to put yourself in the place of the birds and know that it is indefensible to sell the product of their extreme suffering. … I am confident I can help you come to realize you'll want nothing to do with this vile foie gras.

Let's hope Mr. Venters is getting veeeeery sleepy. After which, he awakes refreshed and forgetful about why he ever wanted to make a few pounds off the grotesquely bloated livers of tortured geese."

I am not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or not?!

Whilst I applaud the imaginative use of the press and a MAGICIAN to get some publicity about something that I am sure many people would agree would be better off stopped, It's just wrong and not possible.

Uri Geller is a master showman and excellent at getting himself publicity for his magic tricks and illusions. But, is he a clinical hypnotherapist? Does he have the interests of hypnotherapists in mind at all? Does he think about what this may mean for people thinking about hypnosis? No.

No Clinical Hypnotherapist would suggest that they could change someone's mind to think something that they don't. It is irresponsible and plain wrong....oh and also...it can't be done.

If the boss of Fortnum and Mason wants to make profit and puts that first then you are not going to be able to change his mind because you do not agree. What Clinical hypnptherapists do is to help people, we don't go around changing people's minds.

If you want help with an issue then that's what we do. We don't sit around thinking of ways to make people think things that we think they should think, because we can't do that. We can't make people do things they don't want to.

So Uri, well done on the spoon bending tricks, but stick to the magic eh !!

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