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Six ways to lose weight without even trying..

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Six ways to help you lose weight without trying...

1)    1) Eat slower. Simply slow down the rate at which you eat and put down your knife and fork between taking bites. Give yourself time to savour the tastes.

2)    2) Eat off smaller plates. The portion will look much bigger on a smaller plate. Replace larger plates with smaller ones and you will end up eating less.

3)  3)   Don’t reach for snacks using your dominant hand. If you are right handed use your left hand to go for those crisps instead. You will eat about 20% less.

4)    4) Cut down on how much you drink by using a tall thin glass. Because short fat glasses hold much more liquid. I bet you didn’t realise!

5)    5( Why not chew gum when you feel hungry?  You will consume fewer calories when you chew gum.  Go for fruit based and it won’t make your food taste strange either.

6)    6) Don’t watch the TV when eating. You will eat more. Turn it off and you could consume up to 50% less food.

For more help and advice check out my online healthy eating programme or the slimmer you programme if you want to give up diests forever!

six ways to lose weight without dieting

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