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Simon Cowell uses hypnosis for X Factor singer Tamera Foster

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If you have been watching the X Factor this year you may have noticed that singer Tamera Foster has been struggling to remember all of her lyrics.

The reports were that X Factor boss Simon Cowell had decided that using hypnosis could help Tamera to remember her lyrics for the Sauturday evening performance. On the show we actually saw her getting the help and it's another great way to show the benefits of hypnosis in the media.

Cowell, who himself knows all about the benefits of hypnotherapy as he used it to help him quit smoking, arranged for Tamera to have sessions to help her overcome her nerves and the blockage about remembering lyrics that she had started to create for herself.

By learning to close her eyes and concentrate on her breathing, she was able to focus on letting go of the negativity and concentrate on making her performance perfect.

Speaking of the last time she struggled to remember her words she said,  “Last week was really difficult. I've been seeing a hypnotherapist who has been giving me little exercises to do to get me in the right frame of mind to go on stage and give a good performance. I've been learning how to go into deep meditation, because I meditate already, but he’s been showing me a different way which is better because I can do it in any environment.”

All went well for Tamera helping to reinforce all the good work that she has done. No lyrics were forgotten !

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