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Can council Tax make you smile?

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I write blog posts about many different things.and this one is all about giving you the chance to...

Are you are just getting a bill for your Council Tax and being told to pay it over TEN months?
Then you may be interested to know that you can now do it over TWELVE months.
Your council may not be telling you this, but they all have to offer this to everyone now.
Budgets can be tight for us all so being able to spread your costs across the year may well help make budgeting easier.

Your Council asks for it over ten months because of course they want to get the money before the end of the year.
In fact my local council want the last payment on the 1st January, that’s THREE full months before the end of their financial year.

SO, if you want to change this then why not call YOUR council and ask them to let you change your payment scheme.

I called this morning to get mine changed and wanted to let as many people know as possible.

I hope that this can really help some people and please feel free to share this information.

It may really make a difference to your budgets.

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