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Stars under hypnosis TV show could be on the way

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Here is a interesting idea for a TV show. We are already getting prepared to see Philip Schofield appear in his new Hypnosis TV game show “You’re back in the room” which will be starting on ITV soon, but news from France is all about a television programme on hypnosis that has been a hit over there and may well be on its way to the UK soon.

Produced by a company called Satisfaction, “Stars Under Hypnosis”  has eight celebrities who “surrender themselves and their minds to hypnosis.” In France the show featured a French stage hypnotist called Messmer and was seen by over five million people.  

So the format of “Stars Under Hypnosis” sees a celebrity hypnotised, transported to an unknown location and then woken up to find themselves in an strange and awkward situation. This is interesting because basically Derren Brown has already done similar in his show Trick of the Mind so clearly there isn’t a huge amount orf original thinking needed in order to create a new TV show! So far in the French TV show they have shown someone suddenly able to speak Chinese (as if that’s is possible!(no it’s not!)), as well as imagining they are naked or being attacked by hordes of insects. Let’s be honest it’s basically the same as a stage show in some resort in the Costa del Sol being moved onto television.

When the show is shot in front of the live audience then each celebrity watched videos of themselves for the first time, to record their reactions to their antics.

They do say that all publicity is good publicity so I imagine that getting people talking about hypnosis is a good idea although it doesn't really show the reality of what happens. In any stage show a stage hypnotist would be looking for someone who would enjoy taking part and not be afraid to make themselves look a little foolish. Add celebrity guests into the mix, getting paid to look foolish and who knows what they will do to entertain!

Keep your eyes peeled for this arriving on our shores sometime soon! It may not be realistic but may well be entertaining!

There is also a new gameshow hosted by Phil Schofield in the works. It's called "You're back in the room" and has magician and mentalist Keith Barry hypnotising celebrities and members of the public. You can read all about it and watch some video here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/myblog/read_115112/phil-schofield-to-host-new-hypnosis-gameshow-on-itv-with-keith-barry.html

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