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How does a panic attack start?

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Have you ever suffered a Panic Attack?

How can you stop panic attacks, sometimes also called panic disorder from happening?

If you have ever suffered a panic attack yourself then the symptoms may be well known to you: a feeling of terror, accelerated heartbeat that you can feel in your chest, weakness, dizziness and many other symptoms too. You can feel so out of control and shocked by what is happening that it can almost feel like you are dying.

People around you may not be able to understand how much this trauma can affect you but rest assured that you are not alone. The good news is that you can learn to let go of your panic attacks and stop them too.

When you suffer from panic attacks you can never predict when they will happen or where they will start. This can mean that you avoid certain places because you associate them with a panic attack and then feel that if you go there again you may cause another attack. Often the fear of the next panic attack can cause a general feeling of anxiety and you may even think that it is making you have more panic attacks.

Some facts about panic attacks.

Most often they begin in late adolescence and in fact are more common in men than women although in my own experience they seem to be evenly balanced across both sexes.

Sometimes if you suffer from panic disorder you may find your life is so restricted that you do not even want to leave the house. It may mean you are scared of driving or even going to the shops to buy food.

If you are suffering from panic disorder and would like to read more then click here: How to Stop Panic Disorder

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