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Marco Koch German hopeful Olympic medal winner uses hypnosis for sports performance

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“Darmstädter Tagblatt“ the German paper recently published an article about one of Germany’s best swimmers, Marco Koch.

In 2013 he was a silver medallist in 200 metres breaststroke at the World Championships in Barcelona and again at the 2014 European Champion.

 marco koch uses hypnosis for sports performance

It’s certainly time for him to be looking ahead to the next Olympic games taking place in Rio, and alongside the obvious physical training he is also using sports hypnosis.

Here is the original German interview Marco Koch hypnosis interview

What he says about sports hypnosis

“I feel better prepared and it helps me get my absolute top performances. With hypnosis I can find out where there are still hidden problems, because you get to know your body well and I’m able to bring myself into the right flow.”

Sports Hypnosis can help the performer to relax mentally, to free their mind and prepare for the event they are waiting for.   

Perhaps one if the most famous practitioners and fans of using his mind to help his sports performance is Tiger Woods, who has used Sports Hypnosis since the age of 13 to mentally preapre.  

German Hypnotherapist Simone Lücke has been working with Marco Koch

What Simone Lucke says about hypnosis

“Hypnotised people do not sleep, they are also not unconscious or will-less. The body is totally relaxed, but the mind is awake and the subconscious receptive.”   

Hypnotherapy isn’t just to help you deal with stress and anxiety, to quit smoking and lose weight. It’s news like this that really helps to show the positive side of taking control of your mind and thinking about how you would really like things to be.

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