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You Can't Believe Your Eyes Optical Illusion

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Sometimes we have to questions what we see. 

We may think we see something that isn't there because our imagination makes us think we see something that just isn't and fills in the gaps.

Sometimes we try and make sense of things that are random and then think we can see images and faces in clouds.

On the other hand...our eyes can not let us see something that really is there. You probably forget that your nose is in the middle of your face when you look at anything else. That may sound strange but in fact we do see it all the time. "It's as plain as the nose on our face!".  

However, because it is always there then our brain ignores it and we don't register that it is there.

The video below shows a great example of this in action. There are instructions on how to look at what you are looking at, but when you watch it you may find that you have to watch it again to prove to yourself that it really is happening..

This is a brilliant way to show that our brains do not always see everything..even when we know what we think we can see!

This is a still image and not an animation.
It's a grid with twelve dark dots at the intersections, four at the top, four in the middle and four at the bottom.

Because humans have bad peripheral vision, the dot in the center of your vision should always appear - but the ones around it will disappear. 

As you look at the dot in the centre of your field of view, your visual system fills in what goes on around it.

Because the dot is surrounded by a regular pattern of lines, the brain guesses this is what fills the gap, and leaves out the rest of the black dots.

So..your brain and the way that we see things will NOT let you see them all at once. When you see one the others start to fade and then when you look at another you see the same thing happen.

If you think it's a trick then just pause the video and you will see that it really is just a still picture!

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