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Erica Wexler interview for BBC radio with Mark Powlett

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I really enjoy that alongside my hypnotherapy practice I am also able to do the odd radio show as well. (choose your own interpretation of 'odd'!)

This weekend I spoke to Erica Wexler all about her incredible life. Her Father was an Oscar winning screenwriter responsible for the screenplays to Serpico and Saturday Night Fever so it's perhaps not surprising that she has had a very colourful life.

We spoke about her relationship with pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein as well as her battles with M.E. I think that you will find the interview fascinating and I really enjoyed it. Hearing how Erica overcame her battle and produced her latest album may well be an inspiration for you if you have ever struggled yourself..

You can buy Erica's new CD here...

and listen to our chat here..


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