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You Can't Feel Someone Licking Your Elbow

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This is perhaps one of the stranger videos that I have made. I like to be able to share thoughts and ideas about how our mind works, but sometimes I share something that talks about a real physical quirk.

Because of the way we feel things certain parts of our bodies are more inclined to be able to feel than others.

You have probably heard a lot about not being able to lick your own elbow, of course some people can do that ! However, here's another licking elbow fact for you!

Of course our fingertips are great at touch. We can tell texture and so much more...but what about our elbows!?

It's a curious fact that you cannot feel someone if they touch your elbow. In fact they can even lick it and you may not even notice.
Of course you do have to be gentle or of course they will be able to tell...but if you don't look (because your eyes will help you imagine it) then you may not be even be able to tell when it is happening!

Here's me explaining in a Youtube Video exactly how to do it and how it works !

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

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