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Hypnosis for sugar addiction

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Hypnotherapy for sugar addiction.

Can you use hypnosis to stop you from eating biscuits and chocolate bars?

That’s a question that I get asked all of the time. Sometimes people find that they don’t have a real weight problem, but that they just have too many snacks that they feel they shouldn’t in between meals.

These snacks are more often than not the sugary ones of course.

BT.com reported on one lady and her experience and how well it worked for her.sugar addiction bt dot com article

Carla Challis explained that she really felt that she had a sugar addiction.

Can hypnosis help with sugar addiction?

Like many people her biggest concern was that it would be a strange experience:

“ I was secretly wondering whether I’d find myself in the middle of a Derren Brown ­style situation where I’d be leaping around the room clucking like a chicken. Or was hoping at least that I’d unearth some buried, dark reason why I love the sweet stuff. Unfortunately, I’m not that deep. I just really like it. Thankfully, the Derren Brown scenario didn’t happen either.”

Like everyone else who actually experiences what happens in a session of hypnotherapy she finally understood that it was simply a relaxing feeling and one that everyone can benefit from experiencing.

I help people to work out what they would rather be doing instead of eating chocolate, so that may be drinking a glass of water or eating some fruit. Once they are relaxed we can then help to plant that seed that helps them turn down those cravings and what most people find is that they just go away. That desire to eat sweet and sugary snacks becomes less and less without you even noticing sometimes.

As Carla explained about her experience

“ Over the next few days I noticed that I wasn’t reaching for any snacks that weren’t fruit­ shaped. Even with cakes and biscuits scattered around the office, I was quite happy with a banana and water.“

Once of the most interesting side effects that I see by helping people to cut down on the sugar and sweet snacks that they eat is that I myself now eat less and less. I used to often fancy chocolate when I knew it wasn’t really that good for me, and now after helping so many other people to turn down their own cravings, I just don’t really think about it anymore.

It’s not just sugar that people seek craving help for either. I have lost count of the different things that people come and ask to eat less of, from greggs sausage rolls to marshmallows. Of course, it’s not just food too. You won’t be surprised to hear that I spend lots of time helping people to enjoy just a glass of wine and not the whole bottle.

If you are looking for help then why not try my free mp3 at the top of the page, so that you can experience for yourself just what a relaxing experience it can be for you to drift off into your own daydreams.

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