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Adele sees hypnotherapist to help quit smoking after her singing skyfall at the Oscars.

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Adele Uses Hypnotherapy To Cure Stage Fright ahead of her Performance of Skyfall at the Oscars.

Updated below with information about Adele using hypnosis to Quit Smoking !

So Adele is getting ready for her big comeback performance at this year's Oscars, but despite selling millions of records across the globe, the singer is said to be so terrified about the prospect of singing live in front of the Oscars audience that she's been to visit a hypnotherapist ahead of her big day.

Adele has been having hypnotherapy in Los Angeles in a bid to conquer her nervousness and anxiety ahead of the 'Skyfall' performance on February 24th.

And friends of the star also say the fact that Adele's idol Barbara Streisand will also be singing at the awards ceremony has made things even more nerve wracking for her..

One of her friends has been quoted as saying “She has been rehearsing for the show with an orchestra, but all the preparation in the world isn’t enough to keep her calm."

“She was so nervous before last year’s Grammys that she was sick before going on stage. She doesn’t want a repeat of that.”



Adele recently attended the Golden Globe awards, where her speech raised a few eyebrows. Following that she returned home to her new baby rather than party the night away

With all the pressure of a new baby to contend with it's perhaps not surprising that Adele is seeking some help with her performance.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is wonderful for helping with any type of nerves, whether they appear in your personal or work life.

I have worked with singers before who, like Adele, are able to sing really well but find that the prospect of appearing on a stage in front of an audience can really cause them to become worried and stressed. Of course the thought of the worry and stress is bad enough, but if you let it consume you then you will end up with a poor performance.


Fortunately, fears like this are actually quite easy to address with hypnosis and won't require that many sessions before people really can see and feel a massive difference in their outlook.

Good luck to Adele in her hypnotherapy and I hope she really enjoys singing at the Oscars. I know that having got help, she will love it and won't regret the steps she took to make it even better than before.


UPDATE : Adele is now using hypnotherapy to quit smoking after being told it will affect her singing career if she doesn't deal with the problem.


Knowing how well hypnotherapy worked for Adele in helping her nerves she has now turned to hypnosis to stop smoking after a health warning. Back in 2011 she had to cancel some of her shows whilst on tour and was told that because of problems with her throat if she didn't quit smoking for good then she would be putting her career at risk. Friends say that this has been part of the reason that she has not appeared live because she needed to deal with the issue. The good news is the hypnotherapy to quit smoking like Adele has experienced takes place in just one session and is statistcally the most succesful way to quit smoking for good. You can read about hypnotherapy to stop smoking HERE: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/quitsmoking.html


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