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Neil Patrick Harris Hypnotises the Oscar nominees with a hypnotic spiral

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Neil Patrick Harris is best known in the UK for appearing in the sitcom How i met your Mother but he is really a song and dance man who has appeared in many musicals on Broadway. He has hosted numerous awards shows including the Tony awards where he is always keen to dazzle with an opening dance number.

This week he attended the Oscar awards ceremony luncheon where all of the 195 nominated actors, directors and behind the scenes team get together before the actual event on February 22nd.

He will be hosting the evening and he took the opportunity to show off to the crowd by pretending to hypnotise them into having a great time on the night. Normally the Oscar host does not attend the lunch but only turns up on the evening so perhaps many suspected that he had something up his sleeve... or in his jacket as it turned out.

He quipped to the crowd... "Some of you are good friends and some of you I just got a chance to meet for the first time but we are all going to be spending Oscar night together, where everything will be hilarious,"

And then he reached in and took a hypnosis spiral out from his jacket, pointed it to the nominees and said..

"Everything will be hilarious," he paused for a moment and then repeated. "Everything will be f***k*ng hilarious!"

I doubt that he really has the ability to hypnotise people if that is the way he does it, but I don't doubt that he will hypnotise in his own way when he hosts the Oscar ceremony for real!

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