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The Sun tries out hypnosis for breast enlargement

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There have been reports recently about hypnosis being used for breast enlargement. I have even had enquiries myself about whether this is something that I offer. I have to say that there is no clinical evidence that this works, but I always like to keep an open mind about what is achieveable with hypnotherapy techniques. I know that we can help to make a physical change and when I do talks on hypnosis I actually show how we can change physical movements just by thinking about them. However when it comes to hypnotising yourself to increase breast size I am not so sure. Not so British newspaper "The Sun" though, this was an opportunity too good for them to miss...

Here you can read the article for yourself. I have to say that whilst I am really not so sure about the results stated, I do understand how the loady who undertook the experiment found herself calmer and more relaxed. However it may be a bit of a stretch (pardon the pun) to imagine that her breast size changed so quickly and then strangely stopped.  Do have a read, but make up your own mind about the results.....


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From The Sun Newspaper: As hypnotherapist says you can boost cup with mind,
Sun girl Kelsie Davies finds out with surprising results

HAS the time come when we can burn all those uncomfortable push-up bras?

Hypnotherapist Zack Polanksi reckons so. He says he can boost your cup size using the mind alone. “This is an extremely new approach, but I can see it becoming popular very quickly, because it’s so safe and a lot cheaper than a boob job,” says Zack.

“In theory, it could work on other areas of the body, too.

There’s no reason why it can’t help nails grow longer and stronger, for instance.

“And there is already proof that hypnotherapy has helped a number of alopecia sufferers with hair growth.”

So can hypnotherapy really boost your bust?

We sent 32B Sun girl KASIE DAVIES to find out for herself.


IMAGINE being able to change your body simply by thinking about it.

All you have to do is close your eyes and relax while your unconscious takes over.

Surely such wondrous magic is the stuff of fairytales — or is it?

As I’m standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror, I’m hoping that getting my breasts enlarged by a HYPNOTIST could be a reality.

I had a baby last year and since then my 32in B-cup breasts are struggling, so the idea of being able to “think” them bigger (and while we’re at it, why not firmer as well?) is attractive.

When I tell friends about my plan, they react in a similar way. It starts with a puzzled “How on earth... ?” followed by a nervous laugh when they realise I’m not joking.

All except a couple of male pals whose instinctive response was, “Does it work on penises, too?”

To be honest, I have no idea. But I am here to find out for myself if it will give my boobs a boost.


Jugs for yourself ... hypnotherapist Zack Polanski helps Kasie get bigger bust

The practitioner, Zack Polanski, looks immaculate when he lets me into his London Harley Street practice. He’s in dark slacks and a tight-fitting jumper but I try to ignore the resemblance to Marvin from JLS.

I follow him up a flight of stairs while making jokes about shows where hypnotists make people chew onions like apples. Zack laughs. “The reality is very different,” he says.

Realising I’m new to this, he explains how it works. “People think differently when they’re fully conscious and trying to think about something, compared to moments when they’re unconscious and running on automatic,” says Zack. “Hypnosis essentially involves taking a person’s fixed attention and moving it from one place to another.

“Take, for example, the last time you were engrossed in a book or TV show and didn’t hear someone say your name. Right then, you were under a form of hypnosis.”

I’m sold. I think Zack must sense my eagerness as he ushers me into a dimly lit room and sits me down in an armchair. He tells me to relax.


Swell like Kell ... Zack Polanski says you can achieve boobs like Kelly Brook

We start to talk about my past — I assume to build up some kind of psychological profile. He asks me how I feel about my body and any areas (apart from my breasts) that I’d like to change.

Then the part I find embarrassing: He wants to know what my husband thinks of my body and how our relationship has been affected. He asks me to imagine how my life will change with my new boobs. Will I dress or walk differently? This is for visualisation purposes, one of the techniques he’ll be using.

So how exactly will this change the size of my breasts?

Our body image is in our brain, so by working with visualisation of the ideal bust size, Zack reckons he can change this image and ask the unconscious to increase the bust size to match the new body image.

OK, I’m with him so far. But I still don’t understand how physical change occurs. The unconscious mind also controls our bodily functions, says Zack. So he will be speaking to the part of the brain that controls the release of growth hormones needed for breast enlargement, as well as stimulating tissue growth and blood flow to that area.

Zack refers to a study at the University of Manchester where they split people into two groups.

One had to exercise to promote muscle growth, the other had to visualise muscle growth. They found that the group who visualised got 50 per cent of the same muscle growth as the group that exercised. Zack asks me to visualise what I had for breakfast, urging me to remember how it smelt and tasted.


It's in all in your mind ... Zack Polanski reckons therapy could help other parts of body grow too

Then he asks me to picture what I’m having for dinner and we go through the same process again. He tells me that I should be feeling relaxed now, and not to worry if I drift off from what he’s saying because it’s my unconscious, not my conscious, mind he’ll be talking to.

Now, on to my breasts.

Zack asks me to picture myself with bigger boobs. “Imagine you’re in a movie,” he says. “I want you to make the image bigger and brighter so it fills the screen. Now step it up and feel what it’s like having your new breasts. Are you walking differently? Do you look happy?”

This goes on until, eventually, he turns his attention to my unconscious by addressing it like a person.

He asks it questions: “Would the unconscious be willing to support this process? Are there any ways your unconscious could support you in making these changes?”

After each question, Zack politely thanks my unconscious.


I feel my nipples begin to tingle, although that might be because we’ve spent 20 minutes talking about them.

When Zack brings me round, I feel simultaneously heavy and revived. I ask him whether I can do anything to help the process once home.

He suggest I visualise myself with bigger breasts as often as possible. But more importantly, he urges me to listen to my unconscious.


Simply the breast ... Kasie Davies says her boobs went up to a 36B temporarily

Over the next couple of days, I feel relaxed. I’m eating foods I’ve never really liked, such as bananas.

I email Zack to ask if this is related to the therapy. He says it is part of the process, drawing me to high-energy foods to encourage tissue growth.

I measure my bust after three days. I’ve grown from a 32in chest to 34in. Three days later, my chest measures 35in. Another three days and I’m 36in.

I’m still wearing a B-cup but it is a lot more snug and I realise I should have been wearing an A-cup before.

Panic sets in. What if my breasts don’t stop growing? But after ten days the growth grinds to a halt and my usual eating habits resume.

After two weeks, I email Zack to ask him why. He says that, during our session, it emerged my unconscious wasn’t happy for this experiment to occur for an indefinite amount of time, so he asked it whether it was OK to happen for ten days.


It apparently agreed. I’m stunned.

So, has it worked? I believe so. I also feel calmer and happier.

And I don’t scrutinise my body as much — so perhaps some mysterious force is still at work.

Now... where’s that new lacy bra? © News Group Newspapers Limited

How it works

ZACK POLANSKI SAYS: “The brain is the most complicated computer we know of.

“Our unconscious knows how to run our bodies better than we do. Essentially, I am looking to utilise the unconscious process to make changes to the body. We don’t exactly know what is changing because of the complexities of the unconscious.

“We do know that whatever is changing is ecological, so if it’s changing one thing – such as the size of a person’s breasts – it’s making sure that the whole system is changing in order to support it.”

Home help for bigger breasts

1 - Visualise yourself with a bigger bust as often as possible.

Imagine you’re in a movie so you can watch yourself walk and talk with other people. The more detailed the better.

2 - Follow your instincts – particularly around food. Your unconscious may be guiding you towards healthy, high-energy foods to promote tissue growth.

If this doesn’t happen, then make a conscious effort to eat more whole grains, fresh fruit, veg and protein.

3 - Practise the seven/11 breathing technique whenever you feel anxious or angry. Breathe in through your nose for the count of seven; then out through your mouth for 11.

The important point is to breathe out longer than you breathe in for optimum relaxation.

4 - Talk or write to your unconscious just before bed. Tell it what you would like it to focus on during the night, such as promoting tissue growth and boosting self-esteem and confidence levels.

A great deal of activity occurs during our sleep.

5 - Work on improving your posture. Walk with you head straight, shoulders back and arms relaxed by your side. It will help you look taller and slimmer, but will also have a huge impact on your confidence levels when you walk into a room.

You won’t believe it until you try it!

6 - Write a diary or just a page of random thoughts that relate to how you feel about your body now and, most importantly, how you’d feel about it with bigger boobs.

How would your life change?

What areas of your life would stay the same?



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