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Can Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy help Tinnitus sufferers?

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Hypnosis for Tinnitus

Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus

You may not be aware that you can use hypnotherapy to help you with the stress that can be caused when you suffer with tinnitus. Here’s some information all about how this could help you to let go off the stress and anxiety that suffering from tinnitus can cause.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition characterised by the sounds of ringing, buzzing, whistling, humming, hissing or other noises in one or both ears.

Statistics show that in 10 people will experience mild tinnitus at some point in their lives.

It can be caused by loud music, or riding a motorcycle without earplugs, working in a loud environment, but can also occur naturally even if you do not experience any of those reasons. The sound you hear can be continuous or intermittent and may vary in volume. It's a relatively common condition and can occur at any age.

The first thing to do is see your GP or other healthcare professional.

 It’s always important you seek advice from your doctor to see if there is an underlying cause that can be treated, such as an ear infection or a buildup of earwax. They can remove this earwax for you, or you can visit a private clinic like Specsavers who will remove the earwax and check your hearing for you.

The most common type of tinnitus problems that people experience are in the form of high-pitched sounds. A ringing in the ears can be the first sign. This can come and go for you.

Fortunately, tinnitus is rarely a sign of a more serious underlying condition. The biggest problem can come from the stress that you feel form having it, and that is where hypnotherapy comes in to help.

What can cause Tinnitus?
It can be caused by loud music or sounds from machinery if you are working. As someone who rides a motorbike, I know that I always wear earplugs, because the noise and wind could cause me problems otherwise.

Tinnitus from riding a motorbike

Everyone has a different experience in the way they are affected by tinnitus...

Some people will only occasionally experience the ringing symptoms and so find that tinnitus can be easier to live with, whilst others may experience a constant ringing of loud noises, and hearing this all day, every day. If you find yourself in this position it can have a very detrimental effect on your quality of life. The stress and anxiety, and anger that you may feel can in fact make it worse for you.

This can even lead to feelings of frustration, fear and underlying anger.

Hypnotherapy for tinnitus..    

Once you have seen your Doctor and been checked out then you may find that it is a good time to look at how hypnosis can help tinnitus symptoms.

Hypnosis for tinnitus is an increasingly popular form of tinnitus treatment, which can greatly improve your quality of life.


How does Hypnotherapy for tinnitus work?

One of the things that we will look at is how your experience of tinnitus affects your everyday life. If you are finding that you are stressed, anxious or even angry about it then we can start to teach you ways to switch off.

This can even help you if you are suffering from insomnia. It is common to have sleepless nights if you are lying awake feeling annoyed at the sounds you can hear.

I generally also make sure that I record any hypnosis that we do. This way you can listen at home as often as you want and it can really help you to learn to let go sooner rather than later.

You can email me on [email protected] if you would like to find out about booking an appointment to work with me to help you if you are suffering with tinnitus.

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