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Helping with grief and phobias following the missing Malaysian airlines flight

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This news comes from the official Malaysian news agency Bernama in response to the missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370 and the ongoing search (as of 07/04/2014). Officials are taking advice about therapy for the relatives involved to help them with both grief and any fears of flying that come as a result of the incident. The article was originally written by Norazurra Aziz.

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Grief And Phobias - News from Kuala Lumpar

 Umaira (not her real name), is still pining for her husband's return.

It has been nearly a month now since her husband boarded the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, but she had been relentless in praying for his safe return. The announcement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak that "flight MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean" devastated her. But she still clung on to the possibility of her husband's return.

As with the rest of the nation, many questions continue to haunt her as she waits for some form of closure.

Mohd Mustaqim Asmuji, a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has been following the developments in the search for the missing plane, has said there was a need for emotional management for the family members whose loved ones were onboard the flight MH370.

"Tragedies like this tend to open us up towards better management of our thoughts and emotions. I believe the support of professional psychotherapists will help a lot in calming down the emotions of those whose family were involved in the tragedy", said the consultant hypnotherapist from Klinik Psikoterapi NLP & Hipnoterapi.

How can hypnotherapy help with grief?

Mustaqim said professional psychotherapists in the fields of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as certified clinical hypnotherapists in Malaysia should extend their help in grief management to the affected family members. He said his experience in handling various mental and emotional problems among Malaysians using the NLP technique and hypnotherapy yielded positive results in improving a person's emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

"In the case of MH370, there is a need to employ hypnotherapy to help them calm down mentally and emotionally. The method has been proven to help treat those experience traumatic stress, phobias, fear of flying or entering elevators, fear of heights and depression", he said.

Malaysian Ministry approve use of hypnotherapy
The Traditional and Complementary Medicine Divison of the Ministry of Health in Malaysia has also recognised the use of hypnotherapy techniques as one of the holistic methods of health treatment for the mind, body and soul.

The method allows focus for interaction between a person's mind, body and behaviour as it is believed that the emotional, mental, social and spiritual condition of a person can directly affect their health.

"In the case of (the missing plane flight) MH370, if the emotional, mental and behavioural state of the victim's families are not handled correctly, it could result to depression, hungerstrike and even suicide".


He also states that he now believes that the recent incident with MH370 has contributed to the fear of flying among Malaysians.

"How do we deal with the situation in the long run? What are the feelings of the pilgrims who will be traveling on a plane for hajj this year?"

He said such fears could be dealt with with hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy has proven results in helping to overcome all fears and phobias. Any fear of phobia that you have has been learnt. This means that you can also unlearn it just as well as you gained it in the first place.

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