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X Factor star uses Hypnotherapy for confidence

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Every week we see the story of another person in the public eye who has learned that hypnotherapy can help with confidence and to calm and steady nerves. This week, the 20 year old X Factor contestant Lola Saunders has been seeing a hypnotherapist to calm her nerves and build up het confidence. Previously she was axed from Cheryl's team but was brought back into the show for a second chance. All hypnosis is really Self Hypnosis so she has been learning how to make things better for herself.

When asked about how her sessions went she said, "I went to go and see a hypnotherapist..he taught us loads of little things – how to calm yourself and everything. I don't really know how it actually works. So I don't know if it's because I'm thinking it has worked that it's working, but I think it's because I really want to control my nerves. I'm trying and doing loads of new anchoring things.. and loads of stuff like that.

"But to be honest I'm just convinced – it might not have even worked, but I've just convinced myself that it's going to work and I'm fine. It's worked so far! So I think tomorrow is like the day where I know if it's definitely happened for me."
Like so many people she can see and feel a difference almost straight away. Once you understand that your mind is very powerful and that you really do get more of what you think about then you can start to learn about how to use that to your advantage. Instead of starting to fear things and then make them worse once you start to see things in the positive way and visualise yourself doing well then you really can feel a difference.
So many clients are just not sure how it works and of course it doesn't matter how, or why...just that it does!
All the best for the live shows Lola !

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    Amen brother. I love doing my hypnosis.

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