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Happy Valentine's day...now just relax

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Happy Valentine's day... do those words make your heart soar because you are with the one that you love...or would you rather the whole day was over because you are single and think it's all just an excuse for selling teddy bears and putting up the prices of roses? 

Whatever your situation...this is my valentine gift to you.

If you are on your own and want to switch off and forget about everything else in the world then just give me eight minutes and I give you this Free relaxation audio to listen to...

and if you are in a relationship and getting ready for a night out then...in that case why not listen to this relaxation audio...

I wonder if you can tell the difference between them?

Let's face it we could all benefit from sitting down and giving ourselves just ten minutes to breathe and relax...so why not give it a try.


Happy Valentine's Day !

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  1. Pat Mock

    Thank you Mark. Really enjoying the CD at this sad time for me. Sending you a valentine. <3

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