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This Morning's daily happiness challenge, just turn the television off

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All this Week the ITV magazine show This Morning presented by Phil Schofield and Christine Bleakley is having a happiness challenge and they are urging people to watch every day to help lift their happiness levels.

They have even recuited their favorite celebrity therapists the Speakmans to join in with the task. I'll be honest and say that I was sent a message that the show was on so I have had a look on the ITV player and infact I did quite like the idea of the task that we saw in the episode today.

However, let's be brutally honest here... surely watching daytime television every day is the least likely way to find a route to happiness. The dire state of shows such as the appalling bully of people who he is intellectually superior to: Jeremy Kyle and the like, are frankly only going to lead you down a path to misery.

Turn off your television if you are finding January hard to bear. If you are not working then you can find much better things to do than watch hours and hours of mindless TV wallpaper during the day. Go outside and have a walk, a run or a bike ride. Find a neighbour who feels lonely and go visit them for a chat and a cup of tea. You could volunteer for a local charity and help out. You could read a book, or even visit the library and read one there if you have no new books to read at home. Paint a picture or even do some colouring in!

There are endless things to do with your life to help make you feel better about yourself than watching daytime television. Just take a moment to yourself and think about whether it really is a good use of your time.

... then get your coat on and go get some fresh air!

Then when you get home have a sit down and listen to my free relaxation MP3...just give yourself some you time !

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