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Michael Ball Suffers Panic Attack and uses tapping to help overcome anxiety

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Singer and actor Michael Ball appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning talking about how he suffered a panic attack that nearly ended his career. He explained to Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin how it felt and also talked about the steps that he took to overcome the fear and take back control of his life.

He is known for shows such as Les Miserables and Hairspray and has appeared in the West End and on Broadway, and was appearing to promote his new album and single.

He spoke about the first time that he had a panic attack and how it felt to him. Speaking about the forthcoming tour and how he felt..

"It took me out of Les Miserables. I had being doing it for about four months and I got sick with glandular fever and then I started getting these panic attacks on stage, literally on stage. You can't breathe, I would start going cold and hot, that proper fight or flight thing."

Talking about how he managed to get over it, he explained that he didn't talk to anyone about the problems it was causing which he now says he realises he should have done. He convinced himself that if he could do a live TV show he would be fine in the future. Thinking about the worse thing that could happen he was able to find ways that helped him.

"I found this tapping technique, taught to me be Stephen Gately from Boyzone. I saw him doing this in the wings and I asked what it was. He said it was to control nerves"

He then showed viewers a little about how he uses tapping to help himself. Also known as EFT it is a technique that I teach to people which has amazing benefits in helping to change the way you feel and can eliminate the stress and anxiety and also help end phobias and fears.

It is always good to see someone talk about how they overcame something that could have crippled their life. Tapping, or EFT works alongside other therapy techniques to help you let go of stress, nerves and anxiety. It is also an excellent way to help overcome phobias and fears.


I work with more clients to help them with stress and anxiety than anything else, and there are many techniques that you can use to help end panic attacks. Michael Ball took some excellent steps and managed to get help from an unusual source, amd his story demonstrates that you should never be afraid to ask for help. I work with clients in my practice and also via Skype to help them deal with the stress and anxiety that can become too much if you do not seek support. You can contact me on 07980 233160 or you can email me on [email protected] if you would like some help and advice.

You can also find a FREE MP3 on How to Stop a Panic Attack available for download in my SHOP. The link is to the left of this article.

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