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Fergie uses hypnotherapy for weight loss

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Here's news about another celebrity who has found that diets don't work and the secret to her happiness is hypnotherapy. The 'LA Love' singer, who is Married to Vegas star Josh Duhamel, regularly sees a trained hypnotherapist explaining that it really helps with her weight issues.

Speaking to the US version of the magazine OK she said..

''It works! I get into a very relaxed state, where she can speak to my subconscious. It's almost a dream state, so you're highly suggestible. I've done hypnosis for eating, and later I'll got to the refrigerator and hear her voice telling me to be sensible.''

It's interesting to hear the way that she describes hypnosis and how it feels to her. It's simply just a case of being relaxed and enjoying the experience. So many clients see me having never experienced how it feels just to take some time for themselves and relax.

I wonder if fellow Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am has ever considered hypnotherapy? Perhaps he is already quite relaxed and chilled already !

Find out more about weight loss hypnosis here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/slimmeryou.html

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