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Good Housekeeping sleeping and insomnia help

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I was lucky enough to be asked by Good Housekeeping magazine to talk about how I help people with insomnia and sleeping problems to overcome the stress that they cause. Having first encoutnered Hypnotherapy myself over twenty years ago for my own sleeping problems, I know how well it works.

Good Housekeeping hypnotherapy front cover

Here is the article which includes a case study and you can also read the full text underneath...

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The All Round Poor Sleeper

Most Nights, Vickie 40, finds herself falling asleep on the sofa at 930pm, waking at midnight and dragging herself to bed, but then she's wide awake in the early hours and unable to get back to sleep.

"I had always slept well, but once this problem started it lasted a few months. When I woke I would be awake for two and a half hours and, as I have to get up at 5.30am for work, I was exhausted", she says.

The Solution:


Vickie had two sessions with hypnotherapist Mark Powlett. "Hypnosis is simply a way of learning to let go and relax - you are totally aware of everything during hypnosis, it's just that your sub-conscious mind is more open to suggestion."

Did it work?

"My first session explores why I think i'm not sleeping, and when I talk about work pressure it all starts to make sense. Hypnosis isn't like anything you see on television - i'm fully aware that I'm in the room with Mark, I can hear cars and people outside, but I feel deeply focused and very relaxed. It's a revelation to know that I can be so relaxed and not have all the other stuff racing around my head, and that night I sleep better than I have for months. He gives me tips, like keeping sticky notes by the bed to write down tasks rather than putting them into my phone, and he sends me an MP3 recording of our session. I think this could work, but there's a lot going on in my life and for the next two weeks I don't sleep well. I see Mark again and we focus on how I can switch off. At work I have an image on my laptop of my favorite place, and Mark suggests I have that in my head when I  am in bed. By week three, it's starting to work. I make a conscious decision not to talk about work in the evening, and I decide to go to bed when I feel sleepy."

Vickie's verdict:

"I still have occasional bad nights, but I'm sleeping so much better - it took someoneone else to show me I can relax and highlight how importand my sleep is - I now make sure I get my seven and a half hours. "


If you suffer from sleeping problems and need some help you can call me on 07980 23360 or email me at [email protected] to book an appointment.

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