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The secret to keeping weight off...a trip to the shop

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"I just bought some MILK !!!!"

That's the sort of Facebook ot twitter status that makes you think that someone is sharing something really rather trivial...
but wait just a moment, I shared this earlier this week for a real reason.

I walked to the shop and decided to see how long it would take, how far it was and how many calories I had burned..(thank goodness for apps!)

So..it took me just 12 minutes out of my day
I walked .7 miles
and..I burned 67 calories.

Now, 67 Calories may not sound like a lot but a recent report showed that most people in fact only take in 25 more calories than they expend each day. That slow adding is that thing that makes you put on weight over the years.

Just imagine how a little bit of extra exercise could really make all of the difference.
I also got to enjoy some sunshine and support my local shop.

So, if you remember just one thing from this blog make it the thought that just cutting down on 25 calories a day could make a difference to you. It sounds much easier than anything you may have considered before I imagine.

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