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How did the Speakmans cure Yorkshire ripper victim on This Morning?

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This Morning has regular guests The Speakmans working with people with a variety of problems.

On Wednesday 16th September they met Mo who had been attacked many years ago and suffered PTSD ever since. In order to sleep at night she needed to drink alcohol.

She believed that she had been attacked by Peter Sutcliffe, also known as The Yorkshire Ripper, although the show was at pains to point out that there was no proof that this was her attacker. In fact they pointed it out a lot. Perhaps if they hadn't kept mentioning it , they would not have needed to keep saying that it wasn't a proven fact.


As with most of the work we see from the Speakmans we didn't actually see any of the work that they did with her or how long they spent with her. We were told that they had seen her twice, and like most of their sessions these can last for a few hours. Whereas most therapists may have a number of shorter sessions weekly, they prefer to do this in a more compact way. It of course suits the television format of This Morning.

Afterwards they posted a short video saying :

"Sometimes we wish the show could carry on after the cameras stop rolling - and today it did. Schema-conditioning experts Nik and Eva Speakman had more to tell us about how they'd helped Mo, who was brutally attacked by a man she believes to be the Yorkshire Ripper.

Mo told us that she would like other victims to be able to access the same kind of therapy, "This treatment should be on the National Health."

They did explain that no one is using the type of therapy that they are. It does seem that they are widely protective of their methods. I am not quite sure why this is. It could be because they are not trained and qualified, nor are they members of any professional body. It could just be because they want to protect a brand, and that is a shame. Although this creates a mystique around what they do, it can be seen from what they do that they do seek out a certain type of person to work with and they would appear to be using many techniques that others are trained and certified in. Perhaps if they are not certified in these techniques they are not really able to talk about using them.

You can watch a short video where I talk about how they work and the methods that could help you with any issues that you have here:

What happened on the show?

On the show we saw the story that explained that almost 30 years ago, Mo Lea's life changed forever when she was brutally attacked by a man she believes to be the Yorkshire Ripper. Mo thankfully survived, but she was left deeply traumatised by the attack, unable to venture outside her home without being haunted by terrifying flashbacks.

"I just felt this whack of a blow to the top of the head and I just saw the pavement coming right up towards me. And I was beaten unconscious…"

Desperate for help, Mo contacted the Speakmans, and they took on one of their toughest challenges yet - which included taking Mo back to the scene of the attack.

There was no doubt that Mo had benefitted from the help that she had and she explained that she was sleeping much better and finding life was getting back to normal now.

You can read about the differences in types of therapy here: http://www.markpowlett.co.uk/cbtandcounsellingvshypnotherapy.html

If you are looking for help yourself you can email me on [email protected]

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