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More articles are starting to appear in the media about BWRT and how well it can work to help people with problems that they may have experienced and put up with for many years. Brain Working Recursive Therapy can often make a real difference in a very short period of time. Practitioners are appearing across the word as well as in the Uk where this style of therapy began. As well as helping with fears and phobias, you can see the benefits with people suffering stress and anxiety for many reasons.

jen battagligno bwrt article

I work via Skype worldwide as well as within the UK, but if you were looking for an American therapist then the latest article about BWRT shows that you can find someone to help you in more and more places.

Jennifer Battaglino works in New York and this article was written after she spoke to reporter Jeanne Muchnick: Below is a summary of some of the interesting points...

LARCHMONT, N.Y. -- Jennifer Battaglino, a Larchmont-based psychotherapist in practice for more than 16 years, said she was always interested in exploring other realms besides just "talk therapy." Which is why, after about 10 years working primarily with hypnosis, she expanded into something that is relatively new in the U.S.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), which gets its name from the way the brain works and which originated in the U.K., is all about dealing with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before a client is even aware of them.

It's interesting to note that you can work with people both young and old with BWRT as many of us who have trained can testify..

"Most other therapies work on the response after it has been generated, requiring you to tell the practitioner what you're thinking about but with BWRT, the problem is dealt with 'at source', before it even gets to the conscious mind," explained the New Rochelle mom of three.

This science-based methodology works amazingly fast -- on kid as young as 10 -- and is a complete tool for helping people with a variety of issues including eating disorders, depression, anger, phobic response patterns, school and work problems and social phobias. A lot of the time, she said it will completely alleviate symptoms in a single session.

What happens in a session: The practitioner will ask a few questions about your background and what has brought you to see him/her but will not ask you to reveal any secrets or intimate details of your life. "This is a totally private therapy in which you only have to be able to tell the practitioner how you feel and how you would like to feel instead," she said. "For instance, you might say something like: 'Social situations scare me half to death,' and the practitioner would then ask if you can think how you would like to feel instead."

After using it -- she is one of a handful of those in the area performing this treatment -- she said it's possibly the most effective technique she's ever used. "The ability to experience consistent and significant relief so quickly is what makes BWRT so great," she said. "I love the look on my clients’ faces when they open their eyes and can’t find the negative emotion or old triggers that hindered them in some way. I get to help people achieve their goals and enjoy life."

It's always good to read articles such as this one. I have been lucky enough to have Jen as my own practice partner and so we have together been able to explore how well BWRT can help people by adding to the skills and tools that we already have in our toolboxes. Jen across the pond in the US and me right here in the UK.

You can read more about BWRT right here:  WHAT IS BWRT?


Here's another article that mentions BWRT...This time it's actually one about me. 

I was asked by a journalist if I could help her with a fear of flying and also a fear of going in lifts. You can read all about what happened below...

Redditch Standard fear of flying cover


You can contact me if you have any other questions about how it could help you on 07890 233160 or by emailing me on 

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