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New Therapy App Babylon - is it a good idea?

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What's the New Therapy App Babylon - is it a good idea?


A new app has appeared for mobile phone and tablet users who would like some help with therapy, without having to even leave the house.

Described as digital counselling service designed so people can take part in phone or video consultations while on the go, or from the comfort of their own home. 

Patients can book appointments with trained therapists to help with mental health problems ranging from stress and depression to phobias, bereavement and eating disorders with just a few simple clicks. But is it a good idea and how do you know about the therapist you are getting?

 What does Babylon Therapy Cost?

At the moment the charges are £49 per session. This may represent good value for money as it is a lot cheaper than many therapists, but you may want to ask yourself why. Clearly the makers of the app will take a cut of the money you pay and then the therapist will get what is left. I suppose this may make you wonder why they are working for less money than they could earn. It’s hard to imagine a therapist who was already seeing a good amount of clients would want to register, so perhaps the people who are helping you are not very busy for some reason.

The most important thing about your therapist

It is widely considered that the best way to success with your therapist is to make sure that you work with the best person for you. Not everyone will be right for you. If you are searching yourself and picking the right person for you then that must be better than just booking an appointment on an app without even knowing who you will be working with?

Wouldn’t you rather be able to read all about the person you may see so you know about them? I know I would feel more comfortable that way.

The good idea

It is of course a great idea to be able to have therapy via an app. What you don’t really need is a dedicated app for it though. Like many other therapists I have been offering therapy sessions via Skype for many years and they work really well. You don’t need a dedicated app just a way to communicate and of course Skype provides this.

The benefits are great. If you are suffering from anxiety and even panic attacks then the thought of having to even leave the house can be too much to bear so working in the comfort of your own home is a great bonus. There is so much less stress for you right away. You can work on fears and phobias online just as well as in person.

You can watch a short YouTube video all about the Skype Hypnotherapy that I offer here...

If you have any questions or would like to ask about an appointment then you can email me on [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160

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