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Derren Brown Interview with Chris Addison on Hypnosis and NLP plus Hitler

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Derren Brown rarely gives longer interviews so when he spoke to comedian Chris Addison about his career and the techniques that he uses it made for a fascinating radio interview.


He talks about how his friends think that eveything he is saying is some sort of psychological trick. He suggests that many people are a bit wary about talking to him just in case. The good news is that people are not asking him all the time to do tricks for them.

In his first year of University he saw a hypnotist performing called Martin Taylor and was inspired to learn ahout hypnosis and so his career was born.

Talking about his shows Mind Control, Russian Roulette and Heist it reminds us how many shows and appearances Derren has made and how rich his career has been. He even persuaded someone to shoot Stephen Fry...with blanks fortunately!

You can listen to the full radio interview here:

He tells a very interesting story about reality TV shows and a friend who was involved in one and how after asking him to tell them all the awkward stories that could get sold to the press...they then leaked the very same stories.

Hearing him talk about psychics and his opinion on them I saw parallels with the thoughts that James Randi has on Uri Geller.

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