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Two things The Speakmans did that were negative

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Nik and Eva Speakmans or "The Speakmans" to give them the title of their ITV TV show have been helping a variety of people with fears and phobias. As self dubbed "Celebrity Therapists" they have had a great deal of success on this TV show. 100% success rate to be exact. I watched an episode all about OCD and saw a couple of things that I do not think were helping. I was surprised but perhaps that's what sets them apart from registered and qualified therapists (apart from their £1000 fee!)  Here's what they were..

This Episode was number 19 and appeared first on ITV on  Thursday 7th August 2014
Jo has suffered from OCD for 17 years.  She hates germs and will not allow them in her house.  She has to keep her house, kids and car free of germs.  She insists that everyone takes a shower as soon as they enter her home.  She has three children and once they get home from school, she insists they have a shower.  Jo has a one year old daughter and she took her to the clinic earlier this week.  Jo felt awful because as soon as they got home,  she had to give the baby a bath.   Jo will not allow anyone in her home apart from her husband and children.  Jo's mother, has only been to her house once in the last year. "people don't come to my house anymore as they know it makes me very uncomfortable."  Jo hates touching anything dirty especially money. Anytime she leaves her house, she has to take anti bacterial wipes as she can't open doors without them.  When Jo goes outside, she will only use one of her hands to touch thing, the other hand is kept free from germs.   Jo would absolutely love to free herself and her family of this obsession.
So, in this episode as we always see there was a family therapy session. The Speakmans then appeared outside their house and Nik Speakman stated that he wasn't sure they would be able to fix this problem in an afternoon. This appeared to be partly to explain that the show was going to be a rollercoaster of excitement and also to show that this is how they work. They will fix you in an afternoon. I would never claim that you can come and see me and be free of all fears, phobias or anxieties in one session. No registered therapist would claim this either. It is simply not a reasonable way to help people. If you come to see me with something that you have held on to for years why would you only want to lose it and get on with your life if you could only do that in a couple of hours? Also how could I possibly know that we had dealt with all of your concerns in that short a time span? You may not even know for yourself.
I know of no therapist who would be making a claim like this. What I find hard to watch about it is the implication that it is the only way to get help.As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is a short therapy but even so, not just one session.
If you speak to a therapist for help and they tell you they can do it in one session then you should avoid them as they may well just want your money. How can they know how long something will take? Of course the Speakmans charge a huge amount of money for a private session so it is likely to take a few hours. When you work with a therapist over a number of sessions you have more time to understand what can change and for that change to happen when YOU are ready for it rather than within the therapist's time frame.
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Ultimately, I am teaching my clients how to relax and let go and that is always much more effective when taken over a number of sessions. Most clients only see me for three or four sessions before they are ready to move on and do not need to work with me any longer. During this period I have recorded audio for them to listen to between sessions and taught them ways to help themselves when I am not around. This means that they understand that they can let go when they are ready.
The other thing that I found very disappointing was that after they had helped Jo to overcome her OCD (which of course is fantastic and to be applauded!) they took her into a shop that she struggled to go into and helped her to help herself to a lot of chocolate as a treat. As they use NLP techniques they must be aware of the fact that they may well be starting to anchor the good feelings to her eating chocolate which seems a very bad idea indeed. I work with so many people who reach for the chocolate in emotional times that this seems a very dangerous thing for them to do.
It is important to understand that the overwhelming success that the Speakmans have in helping people is not to be underestimated. Raising awareness of change is excellent. However, sometimes the fact that this is a television show, and the lack of adhering to professional standards does show and can grate a little. Nik Speakman in particular seems to have a habit of telling people how they feel rather than asking them. It can sometimes feel that people are being pushed into things before they are ready.
If you are looking for help and advice I would suggest that you always speak to two or three Hypnotherapists or therapists of your choice, and make sure they are members of a body such as the NCH and that they have the training and experience that makes you confident in the fact they can help you. Almost the most important aspect of chosing is making sure that you feel the person is right for you, so take your time and when you chose wisely you can look forward to success in helping you to lose fears and anxietys, OCD, Phobias or whatever you are looking for help with.
What is the difference between CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Counselling and Hypnotherapy Read that here:
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  1. Georgina wakefield

    The Speakmans are an insult to our intelligence lady is scared of frogs they say but the frog didn't hurt you and she's cured , what a lad of rubbish as for the itv giving them a slot on this morning spouting their nonsense it should not be allowed disgraceful, they are frauds and people are stupid enough to pay for their services ridiculous nonsense!!!!'

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  2. Nora Schmidt-Mainz

    I have just read with great interest your report regarding some of the techniques the Speakmans use in order to 'cure' people of their phobias and other mental health issues. I am a Clinical Psychologist and when watching some of the episodes I cringed myself as some of their techniques would not be accepted within the field of Psychology. I have no doubt that they have had success with their clients on the whole although their fee of £1000 is of course unacceptable and most likely due to the fact that their appear on Television. It is vital when dealing with people, who are in a fragile state of mind, that the Therapist/Psychologist listens actively in order to get as comprehensive a picture as possible. People in that state of mind are not always able to clearly relate their issues and often add things that they believe to be the cause of their afflictions. Their cognitive processes do not function properly, understandable of course, which will have an impact on how they view themselves, the world around them and many other factors. We should be very mindful indeed when we choose professionals that we are hoping are able to help us. Their are huge differences in hourly fees that Therapists/Psychologists charge and it would be prudent to ascertain the reasons. I have come across a huge spectrum of professionals such as myself and their hourly fee range from £50 - £200.

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  3. acl

    its old hat,...been done for centuries,...its just another form of hypnotism or mesmerism-hysteria - where you are bombarded with positives or in some cases negatives and you soon adopt them. When the mesmerists walk away, you are still often back where you started. In SOME cases, the positive effects do last longer. Ever been to a hypnotist show? Yeah?.....well thats very similar,....if you are susceptible to suggestion/command, you will be told you are Fido the dog and you will jump around like a dog cocking your leg here and there. Or, - as is in this case with these two - you will suddenly kick your bad habit, vice or become healthy. They're nothing more than a P T Barnum style show, but they are presently backed by the right publicists and presently milking it - just like P T Barnum did over 150 years ago. Stuff just revolves, make comebacks and this kind of thing has comeback! On the positive side,.....if it makes people feel better about themselves,...even for a day,...yep,...keep pulling the cows teats you two!?

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