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How to end Snake Phobias at the Redditch Standard

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You never know what will happen each week as a Hypnotherapist. Who will walk through the door and what will they be looking for help with? I also get the chance to do things that not everyone gets to do in a normal working week.

This week I visited the offices of the Redditch Standard in the town centre to talk all about fears and phobias after a story about a snake that escaped appeared on the front page of last weeks paper.  http://redditchstandard.co.uk/news/python-makes-a-speedy-getaway-12385/

redditch standard snake escapes story

After the story about how the snake had escaped and ended up in a car engine appeared, I found that I had more calls than usual asking for help with snake phobias. I hadn't yet seen the story on the Monday morning when I was perplexed to find a much larger number of enquiries than usual from people looking for help with their snake phobias and fears. Once I saw the story for myself of course, I realised why there were more than normal! At this time of year I hear from more people with a fear of flying, as it's holiday season than any other phobia. In September and October it is more people with a fear of spiders as they start to come into people's houses, but generally there isn't a snake season!

I visited the offices of the Redditch Standard later in the week to meet with Elliot Guy and some of his snakes and reporter Beth Wright to explain all about how we can overcome any fear or phobia. A snake phobia is no different to a fear of flying, spiders, driving, public speaking or any other fear that people come and see me for help with.

We learn all of our fears and phobias, ususally as children. This is is of course really good news because it means that if you learnt it...then you can unlearn it too!

Just to prove how I practice what I preach here is a picture of Elliot Guy, Beth Wright and myself with some snakes in the office..

redditch standard snake phobia hypnosis snakes with beth and elliot

You can read more about fears and phobias and how you can overcome them here: How to end a Snake Phobia or any other Fear

You can contact me if you would like help with any fear or phobias at [email protected] or call me on 07980 233160

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