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the speakmans on itv review of the therapists show

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This coming Monday 14th July at 2.00pm on ITV celebrity therapists "The Speakmans" get their own new tv series. In the past they appeared in a reality tv show on a cable channel and Nik and Eva are regulars on This Morning with Phil and Holly.

The tv show will air daily in the after lunch slot and as a clinical hypnotherapist I am really looking forward to watching it myself. The Speakmans always seek out people with unusual phobias who make interesting television viewing. Normally I see people with fears of flying, or spiders or perhaps a fear of speaking in public such as being a best man. For Nik and Eva Speakman of course this isn't exciting enough so they will be dealing with more unusual cases..they start the first show helping a lady who is terrified of ice.

It is great to see that the idea that you can let go of a fear or phobia is being spread across the media. I work with clients every day who lose their fear and phobia and then realise that life is so much better without it. My only reservation is that their methods often seem mysterious and it is almost as if they do not want people to see how they help others. Surely, showing what they do can only help others rather than making it mysterious !?

Once the show airs I will post a full review of the show and some more help and advice. In the meantime you can read all about help with phobias HERE Help with fears and phobias.

There is now a full summary and review of this show just click HERE for the Review of The Speakmans on ITV

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