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National No smoking day 13th March Swap fags for Swag hypnotherapy offer for one day only

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National no smoking day is on March 13th this year and to help people who really want to quit smoking for good I am making available a special offer for my stop smoking hypnotherapy and hypnosis sessions. I don't normally do offers like this and so I will only be doing this one for 24 hours. It will last only for the date of March 13th 2013 to coincide with no smoking day and to really give you that boost. If you are looking for stop smoking hypnosis in Birmingham and the surrounding area then I can help. I am based in Redditch with easy access to so many people, so why not think about really stopping smoking for good?

Many people try lots of different ways to help them to quit smoking and give up the fags. There are lots of different things you can try and it's quite possible that you have already tried many of them. Have you ever used gum or patches to help get that nicotine fix? Did you know that they only have a 7% success rate? Suprised? Well, it may well echo your own experience. One single session of hypnosis has been clinically shown to have a success rate 800% bigger than that !

No one can guarantee success in becoming a non smoker, because it all depends on how much you really want to give up the cigarettes, but if you have made that decision and really want to go for it then Hypnosis has the highest success rate of any method!

So, this is the offer that I am making. For one day only if you book your session with me today I will only be charging £99 instead of the usual £200. I have sometimes reduced the cost to £160 (for instance in support of Stoptober, but never by this amount)  By booking on March 13th you will be making the commitment to yourself that you really want to stop smoking. Once you decide to book and go ahead we can make your appointment at a time to suit you and then you can move forward with the rest of your life, feeling happier fitter and smoke free !

I will also only be offering this to TEN people. If I make the offer unlimited I will end up with so many to deal with that as I also help with so many other issues that people have that, I don't want to be caught up in just helping smokers to quit when I also work with people suffering stress and anxiety, depression, pain problems, fears and phobias and many other issues. I like to have that variety but I also want to help you to stop smoking too.

SO, if you want to book then you need to go to this special page  that will help you take back control of your life from cigarettes and could save you thousands of pounds in money spent going up in flames. The link on that page will be live for just 24 hours on March 13th only.

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