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Highway Hypnosis. Ever felt you you don't remember the last bit of road you drove?

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Highway hypnosis, have you ever wondered how you got where you were because you forgot you were driving?

Have you ever arrived home and suddenly thought "I don't remember half the journey!"

Car manufacturers
Hyundai and Kia have partnered up with the University of Michigan in the USA to study "highway hypnosis". I wonder if it is something you have experienced yourself? It is defined as the mental state in which a person can drive a great distance without remembering doing so. It is often used to describe how a state of hypnosis or going into a trance feels. Your mind has wandered and all of a sudden you think to yourself: “Where am I? How did I get here?

Well, engineers from the Korean companies' joint engineering centre in Superior Township, Michigan, have been working with researchers from the university to measure driver brainwaves using electroencephalograph (EEG) sensors.

The method has the potential to determine drowsiness before typical behaviour changes in head and eyelid activity are observed. A physical and sound alert could then jolt the driver awake.

As the state of hypnosis is really just a little like the point before you fall asleep or just as you wake up then it really is something you don’t want to be doing in the car!  Anything that helps is a pretty good idea.

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